Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still feels like summer...

On the east coast they call him the splif machine, out here he's weed hound.  Either way he's one of the nicest human beings on our earth.

Black Diamond jammin summertime, camping at the trails, getting rowdy, walking and belly floppin thru fire coals, waking up and headin to the coast.....summer bliss!

Corlene farm life...gettin it done on the west end.

La Push love...chill long period peelers this trip.  Gettin the Frenchies out to land's edge.  Good times.

DC & Mattybmx last runs at LW.  Restoration is needed.

Who doesn't love Matty?

Hunter destroys waves.  Magic summer day that forever altered perspective of riddin waves in WA.  

Dead baby pre game...

Making sure Brugos gets up to AK.  "Don't worry officer's I don't need a permit for the long guns." 

Hat's off

Throwing this song on here in tribute to Stew Johnson, Steve Crandall, and Mike Tag (RIP) for the bmx video's they produced in the mid 1990's.  1201, Bar is Closed, Ring of Fire, Broken, Lights Out, Live Fast Die, etc....To say these video's were an influence to myself, brothers, friends, and any trail rider out there would be an understatement.  Documenting trails, bmx, travel, mischief, and rebellion.  Anyone in these video's was a hero to a young teen freshly introduced to bmx.  Influence beyond what words can properly display.  Thank you so much for your efforts.  You've influenced thousands to try harder.  Not much is better than that.