Thursday, April 28, 2011

Springtime in the city & still winter in the cascades..

The shoulder's getting better and i'm getting more psyched everyday. Had a nice trip up to van and whistler last week. Good to see my canadian friends and ride their amazing mountains. Was able to shred some real nice snow with kalen & mick in whistler and got to see black mountain do a show for free right in the village afterwards, gotta love the telus festival. Pemberton is getting a skatepark and it's a stone's throw from Kalen's, pretty sick. Had a fun 3 days at cypress, the views up there will always do me well. Went to kush one of the evening's and helped a lil bit, can't wait to ride there. Was great to see teet doing barspins over the step up hucker in the rain, guy wants it. Some mellow flowin at seylynn and finally chilled at the new ride on (best bike shop in the world). Around seatown, some final alpental sessions have been happenin, buttering lynnwood up - it's gonna have some amazing flow this summer. Had the first big jam out there last saturday, mad heads, a bunch of rippin, bbq hittin all day, bing & tally central. it's a lot of fun in those woods, can't wait for the first campout. Anyways, here a few shots from this winter..

Ben Lynch doing the Baker singletrack

Ben again free flyin, ollie from the top flat to clear the tree's at the bottom

DC boostin off a tree in the alpental BC

Chris @ Alpental

I know this trailer came out a while back, but i saw again today randomly. Take the best snowboarders in the world and give them the redbull budget and nothing sort of magic will be the result. This one's gonna be real heavy, can't wait for the premier.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

get on a board

probably the sickest waves a river has ever produced....can't imagine the feeling the ride would give

stop for a jet boil sesh on the road north..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

time's passin by

driving with the kelly's

chris and dan, chill time before a 261 drop

Had a premier for Elliot's video last friday night. Was great to finally see this thing. So much going on in the video, unlike anything else out there. A real fun time, turned into a pretty crazy night. Smoothin it out with the neighbors, should be in the clear. Can't wait to have the disk.

Shoulder's making progress, been able to do some light digging and pumpin around. can't wait..

Later in the year El Salvador and Guatemala, keen anyone?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Sneak under your barrel"

Arob, Kael, and Earl flowin a few runs at Alpental. It's great to see a video of some bro's shreddin Alpy. Having a day at the mountain with this crew is always a treat. Keep your eyes and ears open. Can't wait to get back out there..