Thursday, April 7, 2011

time's passin by

driving with the kelly's

chris and dan, chill time before a 261 drop

Had a premier for Elliot's video last friday night. Was great to finally see this thing. So much going on in the video, unlike anything else out there. A real fun time, turned into a pretty crazy night. Smoothin it out with the neighbors, should be in the clear. Can't wait to have the disk.

Shoulder's making progress, been able to do some light digging and pumpin around. can't wait..

Later in the year El Salvador and Guatemala, keen anyone?


  1. yo keener! hope the shoulder's good! been in the boons for a while but heading to twin falls to shoot some BASE jumpin, give you a holler state side hopefully!

    stoked to see the vid! get some disc action!