Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hey there

Jeremy Jones' Further - An HD Snowboard Film by Teton Gravity Research

The word epic has become very overused in recent years. Epic this, epic that...kind of undermines the word when every yahoo is out there saying it. In the case of Jeremy Jones and crew split boarding and riding insane lines throughout the far reaches of the world, the word epic holds more than it's value being used here. Can't wait to get myself on a split this winter. Back to back La nina's are what the weather experts are saying. Bring it on, i'd favor a La Nina winter every year myself. This week you can kinda fell winter knocking on our door, getting excited.

Here a couple of video's I found online this week from the Arob festival. It was an amazing gathering, the Robinson family really put together a great event. Lots of love and support in the air there, it was great to be a part of so many talented and happy people coming together to celebrate the life of one great man we all loved. Arob forever...

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