Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trails steez

Robbo In Austin from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Robbo has quite the moto whip. Style that will stand the test of time. Makes me wanna go ride Austin's Eastside woods again.


  1. left hand: breakitdown for me please...

  2. How's the wrist holding up Alex? Yea it's trips me out seeing all this footage of him lately with the wrist brace. I've broken both my scaphoids, no fun for sure. Holding strong since though, keep the energy...

  3. LOL I was talmbout the left-hand brake lever. Hambrain broke it down for me: canucka-eurostyle. Got it. Seems weird, to put "maintain the integrity of MX right hand lever as front brake above all else," but whatever. Probably have to pay attention to accents more if I ever borrow a person's bike...don't want to get bucked.

    My wrist is okay. Still stiff all the time, but I can ride mountain bikes for two hours at a time: that's more than I thought ever possible, when I was deep in hermit crab despair. Don't have the range of motion to do a pushup, but I never did a pushup in my life. Ripped BMX park yesterday LOL

    Snow in town usually means mountains get ignored. Let's hope this next system is rowdy.

  4. Yea lefty levers are u.k. inspired originally. I run my lever on the left too. It makes sense to switch it over if you turndown with your lever going into your clothing. I learned the hard way with 2 concussions.

    Glad your wrist is allowing you to play, hopefully it gets stronger with time.

    Look at the forecast again, it's gonna be good out there all week. Hope to see you out there a man.