Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crystal fun

Today was a really good day! Intentionally avoiding work for the day with the alternate being going to Crystal and riding the 2 feet of untracked light and dry snow they had waiting. Rode out with Boots, good times...saw a car on 410 going for a pass around Greenwater and all of a sudden he's fishtailing all over the place like big 5 kick outs to each side before gaining some control. So close to the ditch and so close to smacking the car he was trying to pass. We ended up parking right next to the guy in the lot, giving him the "whoa man, didn't think you were gonna make it!" He seemed pretty humbled by it, saying putting it in neutral saved him.

The riding was all that we were hoping for and more. Everything was open from the beginning of the day except northway, hammered a couple of runs on green valley, high campbell, and rex. Hittin soft n deep and fun zones all over. So sick! By late morning we started running into some friends...had a run with Jenell and a crew she was with. Parted ways got back in the lift line and all of a sudden Hambone and A man are right behind us. 'yeabud' Had a sweet lap with them that took us all the way to the bottom, it led to this awesome open tree zone...had a few tracks through there by that point, but there were huge bottomless pow triangles that you could link turns up on or ollie section to section on all the way down. Just bashing down it, hitting speed!

Part ways with Hammond and Alex and head over to the gondola. Walk over, Kevin and his friend Matt show up. Rad. This would be the crew for the rest of the day. We made it to the northway gate about 10 minutes before it's opening. Hambone and A man were there, but we dropped in different spots. Psych is high. A bunch of people ready to charge all at once. First run straight down the northway bowl, just ridiculous...wide open, bottomless, soft as....we all pinned it! Had 3 more blissful runs back there, traversing a bit further out each time. When the snow is this deep, you can just send it anywhere. The sensation is incredible, feeling how fast you are going, yet being completely calm and in control at the same time! We had a blast, lots of screaming, smiles, and high fives hittin sweet drops, sick little tight chutes dropping you into open fields, weaving through trees, and pointing it down a couple of nice steep open zones...those really get the heart going. So much fun and so satisfying. I love it and am glad I have a lot of friends that do to.

Winter has been amazing in Washington. Alpental has a base 4 times as deep as many of the ski area's across the west do. Baker 6 times. So many awesome and meaningful days in the mountains so far this season. The zones were getting to ride and friends involved just keep growing. I enjoy the rain and snow. Water is basis of all life and there's no shortage of it here. Water = Life.

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  1. YES.
    Snowbloggers were out in full force yesterday! On top of the KeenHanger, we had a Snowone sighting and did a run with nwbroweather crew.
    Really good up there. I heard it called an "unusual" day, and that definitely was the case.
    The dropping of that rope at the Northway chair, and ensuing Chinese Downhill Super Ball-Up: so hilarious.

    Another open-to-close day. Whoa. Glad we had some turns together.