Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If you're going to whistler, don't forget your sunglasses

 Just spent a week in British Columbia, man that place f'n rules! Was great seeing my canadian friends, many of them really understand how to live life well. Good times in Pemberton and Whistler can easily bring one to la la land. Case in point last friday, wake up on Kalen's couch around 7:30 to Kalen and his work friend Nils having a blaze while joking about who's gonna be doing all the work for the day due to who's more hungover. Get the gear together and make the drive from pemby to whis...get to the gondola right at opening time (conditions were 8" of new and sunny as fuck) spot Ty the lifty (met him the previous night) and wait for him to notice me, once in the clear walk in the exit and right into a gondola cabin...boom free day at whistler, instant super psych kicks in. Rad day riding Blackcomb with new friends, hit a couple of zones i'd never ridden before, place is too good, lines are infinite.

 One thing I love about being in Whistler during the Telus fest is how at the end of your riding day you can ride right into a rock concert essentially. I made it to the village just in time to see Michael Franti play, meet up with Kalen, Mark, and KC's dad...the date was 4/20 and the show started just after 4, a serious thick haze had suddenly filled the air above the crowd. They take 4/20 seriously in bc. Awesome show, Franti can get a crowd psyched. Ran into my friend Neil at the show, good seeing you mate, and good luck on the island. After the music we hit the Amsterdam's patio to have a few and lurk on babes in the village. Make up face was psyched but I didn't feel like handling any high heels issues. Whistler was going off, so many people running around that little town.

 Make it back to Pemby and after a quick intervention with Kalen talking him out of going on a date with the cougar and instead heading out the meadows to a bonfire party. Booze cruisin up the meadows with the sun setting behind Mt. Currie and all the surrounding peaks that all look like monsters from the valley floor. The bonfire party ends up being at Mike Michalchuk's house. Pretty much the dream house if i've ever been to one. Dude has a moat around his house, you drive over a covered bridge to enter his driveway. The house and craftsmanship on the inside and outside make you feel as if your in this fairy tale place, they could have used the house on the Lord of the Rings set. Guy has tons of property, a big sandy beach spot on the banks of the Lillooet River, a huge Tipee, but the thing I tripped out the most about was the moat and the connecting sauna. So there's this huge moat decorated beautifully all around, concrete diving boards you can jump off, and in one corner this frodo looking little home. Turns out it's a sauna with like 8 or so well defined cement seats and in the middle a hole about 4 feet in diameter, at the bottom of the hole is the water from the moat. There is an underwater tunnel on the side of the sauna house so you can swim from the moat through the tunnel and be in the sauna or vice versa be in the sauna get too hot jump into the hole and swim out and into the moat. Absolutely ridiculous!

 I love Pemberton.

 Think I had too much fun up there. Days were very filled with action and adventure.

 Thanks Kalen, Mark, Todd, Teeter, JR, Hango mango, Carl, Struthers as, Sharpie, and everyone else for all the hospitality and fun! Party next time...

Pictures when the film gets developed.

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