Wednesday, February 20, 2013

circles keep it all connected

Stoked as ever on winter, riding the mountains here in the pnw can and will change your life forever if you want it to.  Getting to know zones and trying to ride through them as fast and fluidly as possible...blastin off rollers and lumps, droppin down pillows, surfin gullies, rollin in on a super steep face/feature to instant mach speed to lay your body out turn to pure bliss feeling that is so sweet you have to scream because you're just too stoked to be quiet, or doing whatever feels good to's all amazing and creates a moment or feeling that you can do anything in this world.  I love riding mountains and all of the friends I get to do it with. 

I'm a big fan of the year round shredding, not the turns all year year round more the transition to bikes and beaches come the end of the spring....flowin trails in shorts and sleeping in tents on land's edge style.  This picture of Barry taking Big Blue down the line is a reminder of how rad summer is.  In no rush for winter to end anytime soon though, it's been incredible and hope it continues for a while.  Happy in the now and always excited for what's next.

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