Thursday, April 25, 2013

Notes from the field

Van life coastal mission rockin out with some rainier, mini spliffs, reggae jams, surf porn mags, bro's gettin stoked...has to noted we spent over an hour in the PA Walmart shortly after this pic was taken.   Sick trip, first waves of the year.  Excited for what's to come.

Waiting for the tide to come in.  Neah.  

Japanese buoy meets American safety container upon shore arrival..

With a little help from the sun.

First time exploring the Shuksan.  Big balls zones everywhere.  Thanks Ed.  

Ziels 261 lovin

Started touring out from Great Scott's at 5pm

Ziels headin into the wonder gully.

Chillin post ultra mega day at Alpy.  Rode from 9 to 6, minimal breaks, bluebird, couple feet of fresh, no lines, all gates open.  Smiles, high fives, yea buds were flowing nonstop all day long.  Immortal feelings.  Thank you Alpental.  

Santa Cruz'n

Freedom 40

Leg stretching in southern OR en route to Cali.


  1. Solid vibes in this series of Fotoz... pickin' up whut yer layin' d0wn mie bruddah!

  2. sick pics, good memory rekindlers.

    seems like only yesterday I was raising both arms that high...I guess it kinda was!