Thursday, June 9, 2011

what is now

Project winding up on the coast...sorry i missed ya this last weekend bud, i've heard some good stories about you flowin the woods, tossin the horseshoes, softball spectating, and keeping the shakes away. cross paths soon, summer's just starting.


20ft snow banks in june, slidin corn snow around in sunnies, walkin across tree bridges, dips in the river, being fascinated with the campground host marv, screaming his name every time we drove by, splittin wood with the neighbors axe, hiking up the side of a waterfall, staring down the glacial gorge, a naches visit, 10ft diameter doug firs, avalanche's blocking half the road, warm fire and party box jammin, edible plants, gettin some on the river, soup and corn in the jetboil, seeing 6 from the elk family, being just a couple miles from rainier's base on a bluebird day..take your special lady camping.

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