Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can't get enough

We love you Alpental!

Dan slashin..


  1. yeahbud

    saw some tall dude up there the other day and he had a beelervibe and I was told that all I had to say was yeahbud to find out if it was you and so I said yeahbud and nothing so it wasn't you

    I have pinpointed that location in my internal AlpentalGPS to within three feet. Higher definition than available to the general public.


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  3. A man, you make me laugh. Throwing a 'yea bud' would definitely be a good way to track me down. hahaha

    Yea buds are blowin up, it's contagious. Yea bud this, bud yea that...the world is expanding.

    So when we gonna shred man? Comeonsrsly?????

    My work schedule just changed and I now have freedom of my weekdays again. Let's hit some of those iffy days that always end up being killer.