Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Keep it Fun

Heading up to the wonder gully...

Sethro Morrison Wescott Holton....Seth rules and in my opinion he is the bootpack champion, if you can break trail faster than this marathon sprinter dinner and drinks are on me.

Tyler D lookin to get in that barrel

Nels ripping


  1. dude was silly fast on his ess-ess-em-tee-bee up are-aye-tee pee-aye-cee too. left me and matty in the dust. cut off jean shorts in the hot summer sun.

    thought he was funny with the "no, I have two gears: one up here, and one back there."

    little bike humor there. very little, when you're dying and this dude's been waiting up top for twenty minutes.

    let's get out!